it’s weird how love works. Like i’ve never been “in love” with someone, but i’ve loved someone and i find it so weird. Looking at a picture of you and just hoping you’re doing well and that you’re happy is just so weird. Still caring about you is just never going to stop being weird for me. It’s all very weird for me.

If this is the end result of a very mild love then it scares me to ask what a real head over heels love is.

I feel as though some people think it’s crazy that i’m not really looking for friends right now. Of course there are people here that i like and find humorous, but honestly i’ve been through so much in the past couple of years. I just need some serenity for a little. I don’t want to go clubbing every weekend. I just want to eat food and watch movies. Like only having to focus on myself and my work is amazing and i’ve never had the opportunity  to do this.

I just need a moment to breath sometimes.

I know recently i’ve been saying that i’m beginning to hate you, but then we have a good moment and it’s as if i never said those things. I don’t love your personality and maybe thats where my personal problems with you lie, but i don’t think that me not liking you most of the time is a good reason to switch. 

I don’t know. I certainly want to be in a space that makes me happy and not aggravated. I don’t want to be annoyed at you on a daily basis.